"Altair-sheng Road Joint Experimental Base" is Officially Signed and Listed

   On July 24, 2018, Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenglu") and Altair China (hereinafter referred to as "Altair") signed a framework cooperation agreement in Shenglu company to establish altair-shenglu joint experimental base and jointly promote engineering simulation business including application in EMC field of vehicles.


Mr. Yang hua, chairman of guangdong shenglu communications (first from the right) and Dr. Liu yuan, general manager of Altair greater China (first from the left) signed the agreement successfully



  Shenglu communications co., ltd. is a leading high-tech enterprise integrating antenna and rf product research and development, manufacturing and sales in China. Founded in 1998, it was listed in shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprise board in 2010 (stock code: 002446), and it is the first listed company of antenna manufacturing enterprises in China.

Altair is the world's leading developer of engineering technologies, and has been developing high-end technologies for enterprises in simulation analysis, optimization, information visualization, process automation, cloud computing, and the Internet of things since its inception in 1985. Headquartered in Michigan, USA, the company has more than 5,000 customers in more than 70 countries around the world, including automotive, rolling stock, aerospace, defense industry.


According to the agreement, shenglu will cooperate with Altair to build professional engineering simulation technology capabilities and set up a special technical team to serve commercial customers. All projects will be implemented based on Altair HyperWorks simulation platform, using various advanced solver technologies including the world's leading electromagnetic field simulation tools FEKO and WinProp to cover a variety of application scenarios. Take automotive electronics as an example, the business direction will include simulation and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility of various electronic equipment, antennas and cables, etc., and optimize the layout of electronic equipment, antennas and cables in the simulation process to accelerate the speed of product research and development. In today's automotive product design process, especially for new energy vehicles, the earlier the electromagnetic problems of the whole vehicle are considered, the better the risk control and cost saving. In the future, more and more electromagnetic simulation demands will come from the performance simulation of the on-board antenna system, the EMC system, and the performance simulation of the Internet of vehicles and the communication system. Altair's cooperation with sheng lu will provide more professional service options and more flexible cooperation modes for relevant enterprises.


After the signing ceremony, Mr Yang hua and Dr Liu jointly unveiled the "Altair - shing road combined experimental base", guangdong sheng road communication will serve as both sides joint experiment base, sheng road technology advantage into full play, and combined the Altair rich experience in engineering simulation and simulation technology of the world's leading engineering, engineering simulation ability construction, application subject practice, and discuss special application trend, etc.


The "altair-sheng road joint experimental base" was unveiled



Dr. Liu yuan, general manager of Altair greater China, said: the understanding and exchange of shenglu communication began many years ago, and he was deeply impressed by the technical and engineering expertise of shenglu communication, and he was very happy to see shenglu expand in many fields such as communication, automotive electronics and national defense communication. We believe that this cooperation is a start, and we can see more successful cases emerging in the field of electromagnetic simulation, which will contribute to the positive research and development of domestic enterprises including vehicle manufacturers.


Chairman Mr Yang hua sheng road communication confidence in this cooperation, and at the meeting said: very glad to be with the Altair company to carry out the cooperation in the field of electromagnetic simulation, with the aid of the Altair advanced software technology and engineering application experience, as well as the technical advantages of the road itself, believe that can provide domestic customers, including automobile industry, with more flexible and professional consulting services, is also looking forward to have more partners, to achieve win-win situation.



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