Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Shenglu Communication Joint Laboratory Officially Unveiled

The joint laboratory of xi 'an dianzi university and Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenglu Telecommunication) was officially unveiled in Shenglu Telecommunication on January 29. Foshan city technology bureau party secretary and deputy director of the li-wei xue, sanshui district xue-jun hu, deputy prefects Jiang Yue, new district by the bureau of leaf beacon, sanshui city management committee, deputy director of the standing YunDongHai street working committee secretary of the constant and Lin xi 'an university of electronic science and technology vice President xin-bo gao et al, the chairman Yang hua sheng road communication and operation Hu Canhui, general manager and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

According to understand, before the official launch, xi 'an university of electronic science and technology and sheng road communications technology company after nearly a year of planning and discuss, in November last year signed a cooperation agreement related to establish joint laboratories, the laboratory will take the market as the guidance, combined with market demand, focus on the key technology of product research and related product development, to build talent training base, giving full play to the advantages of talent resources, make up the region disadvantage the difficult problem of relevant resources, develop new industries, etc.


At the meeting, the city science and technology bureau related leaders said that the establishment of a joint laboratory for our city enterprise technology innovation drive a big step forward, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions of "intellectual" resources through cooperation to enterprises, combined with the enterprise's production and manufacturing technology, to achieve a new combination of technology; Through the communication and exchange between scientific and technical personnel, scientific and technical personnel and management personnel, marketing personnel and production workers, a new combination of talents is realized. The new economic and technological entity jointly established by enterprises, universities and research institutes provides new organizational resources for knowledge and technological innovation, improves the overall effectiveness of enterprise organizations, and ensures the stable supply and effective combination of technologies, talents and information resources needed for innovation.


Chairman Yang hua sheng road communication at the same time this paper summarized the situation of the company at the meeting, and points out that the company at the same time of adhere to independent innovation, pay attention to and strengthen university-industry cooperation, has with the xi 'an university of electronic science and technology, university of electronic science and technology, south China university of technology, Harbin industrial university and other research institutes to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation, and make full use of its technology, talents and information advantages, technological innovation and scientific research project for the company to provide effective technical support and technical cooperation.


Shenglu communication is the first local listed company in sanshui, the first hundred outstanding private enterprises in foshan city and the first batch of "supporting the strong and supporting the excellent" enterprises in yundonghai street. As one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of antennas and rf devices in China, the company has unique advantages in product realization. The company also always uphold the scientific and technological progress is the source of enterprise survival and development of power and continuous innovation development concept. It has set up "guangdong antenna and radio frequency engineering technology research and development center", "guangdong enterprise technology center", "postdoctoral research station" and other strategic decision-making and research institutions.


In addition, xi 'an university of electronic science and technology related leaders also said the united laboratory based on the principle of win-win cooperation, to integrate the advantage resources, will be transformed into scientific research findings at colleges and universities has the productivity of economic benefit, in the social practice to cultivate more talents for the purpose, committed to the enterprise key technology research and industrialization, making scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning scientific research achievements of the implementation of the industrialization as soon as possible, better service to the society, to meet the needs of more users, all aspects of "industry-university-institute" cooperation get better development, give full play to the role of the good joint laboratory platform, achieve a win-win situation.


In the warm applause, under the witness of xue liwei, hu xuejun, gao xinbo, vice President, Yang hua and other leaders and guests, they jointly unveiled the sign for xida-shenglu communication joint laboratory.


The ceremony on the same day, leaders and guests also visited sheng road communications laboratories, showrooms, etc., all the leaders have said the far field test for microwave dark room, SG128 near field test for the construction of the darkroom was shocked, 46 m of the specifications of the microwave dark room is 23 * 23 m * m, is the first in south China has the rules on the test field, to guests with a stunning visual feast.




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