Warm Congratulations on the Establishment of Wuhan University of Technology - Guangdong Shenglu Communication Automotive Electronics System Research and Development Center

   On August 17, 2017, representatives of wuhan university of technology and Guangdong Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co., ltd. held a cooperation project meeting in the conference room on the 8th floor of the company, and signed the relevant technical development contract.

The automotive discipline of the school of automotive engineering of wuhan university of technology is a national key construction subject of "project 211". According to the requirements of industry development and technological progress, develop automotive technology research, focus on electric cars, car design and structure analysis, automotive electronics and modern measurement and control technology, design and development of auto parts, auto emissions and pollution control technology, automotive engine performance and electric control technology, marketing and logistics in the areas of conducting scientific research and technology development, since the "tenth five-year plan, for the national" 863 project "key technology project and the provinces. The leader of the college is professor hua Lin, who enjoys the title of national "outstanding youth".


As one of the largest and most advanced civil communication antenna equipment manufacturers in China, shenglu communications co., ltd. is the earliest listed private communication company in China, and takes a leading position in the field of communication antenna manufacturing in China. Taking listing as the platform, the company implements the extensive strategic deployment, improves the company's business layout in the field of automotive electronics and military products, and develops its business in the direction of related diversification.


The group led by the President of the waring, through the comprehensive investigation of shing road, and after full certification, decided to cooperate with the shing road communications for many years, will be around the car, car audio, car networking smart antenna, remote control, atmosphere lamp, infrared night vision assistant driving, unmanned, new energy SanDian system controller and other related automotive electronic products, instruments and body to conduct a comprehensive research, development and industrialization of the work.




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